mo0n-w0lf asked: matilda you look really hot in a bikini ;) anyway, I'm so proud of you for making so much progress and you look absolutely stunning and gorgeous and it makes me so happy to see your radiating smile. Keep going no matter what! Don't give up, its not worth it. I love you so so so so much

I love you so much Elmiro, this made me smile so much :3 you’re beautiful inside and out

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My body isn’t as offensively sharp as it once was and I have a lil cushion around my stomach and hips but it’s keeping me warm so it’s all good

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Comfy pyjamas are the way to go
Wow such a poser
Wow such a poser

Anonymous asked: so lovely to see you recovering from your eating disorder! you're absolutely beautiful and you look healthy and happy!! i hope that things continue to get better for you :)

Thank you my gorgeous, this made me smile loads :3 hope you’re having a great day ❤️❤️❤️

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Tenerife photos💕💕💕

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Anonymous asked: Let me tell you.... your hair looks 900x better and HEALTHIER now than it did a year ago. I honestly think you're beautiful lady, inside and out!! Hope you have/had a great tone at Tenerife!!

Thank you gorgeous! I’ve been here one day and I’m having a great time, I was so worried I wouldn’t like the food but it’s gorgeous and mmm mmm mmm :) thank you for your kind words, lots of love xxxxxxxxx

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Brotherly love ( I’m about to spam Tenerife photos sorry) 🍹🍹🍹🍹
The Jackson siblings, can’t get better than the Jackson siblings

Off to Tenerife, I’ll keep you all updated, my blog may be pretty slow if I don’t get wifi, love you all!

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'Do you just not like food?' they ask, as if the reason why we have eating disorders is an inherent aversion to food. The thing they don't understand is that we love food, sometimes more than the average person, and sometimes that's why we have eating disorders. Pushing underneath the need for control and coping, there is that love for food, the love we fear will make us eat until there is no tomorrow, the fear that it will make us gain 10,000 pounds overnight or become our worst nightmare: the bigger version of ourselves or the versions we see in the mirror. We love food, the taste, the textures, the explosive flavors. We don't take it for granted because we never know the next time we'll be allowed to eat it or keep it down. We have secret affairs with it and eat it in private, because if we brought it out in public we believe we'd be shamed and ridiculed. But don't ever think we don't like food, because no matter how much we pretend like we don't, or that we forgot to eat, or that we were too sick to chew and swallow, there was a bigger part of us that weeped, the part of us that doesn't want to be trapped in this hell, the part of us who would love to eat normally but just…can't.

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Anonymous asked: You look really nice in that white dress. Hope you're having a great day :D

Thank you gorgeous! I had a fabulous day thank you! I hope yours was great too :) xxxxxxx

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I was going to wear this today but then I felt too white so I changed

Don’t, for one minute, think that you had any effect whatsoever on my panties.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

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